Wednesday, December 4, 2013

GRANDMA'S Have to BRAGG!! This Thanksgiving was extra Special this year, for we had a new little person here with us to Celebrate Thanksgiving! Our youngest son, Mark and his wife Michelle were her with us and brought our new little man for us all to enjoy! His name is Ocean and he makes you smile as big as the Ocean.... We loved having you with us this year and can hardly wait to see you the next time!!
Never knew how much fun it was going to be to be Grandparents!!
I hope that you each had a great Thanksgiving!! We are all so blessed! I was able to try a few RAW food pies that we enjoyed.... And it was "Guilt Free". One was my Pomegranate Pie and the other was a Butternut Squash pie.... I got my inspiration from the greatest Raw food Creator of all times!! Amie Sue. You will enjoy her blog as much as I do... The more Raw food we put into our diets, the more better nutrition we have to feed our bodies. We will be way healthier for it.. And we truly wont miss the old way of cooking... It's amazingly great tasting!! No bland stuff here. Here is the picture of what I did... for Thanksgiving... It doesn't look like Amie Sue's, and I didn't have all the engredients, but it turned out great...
You may want to start adding more RAW FOODS into your diet... it's fun and very exciting for me... You don't eat as much for a lot of the foods are very filling. A great way to get into shape... I won't post my recipe, but hope you will head over to Amie Sues Website and get excited as I have over all the possibilities!! Have a blessed Holiday Season and enjoy making it a Healthy Season!! Hugs, Carol Janonne
It's been a LONG TIME since I have posted here...but have decided to start in again... We are in Elfrida, Arizona for the winter at our "Little Pecan Farm". It's been amazingly warm here around 70F during the day. Have had frost and the leaves are finally starting to fall from the Pecan trees. There's a good wind here today, so the leaves are flying away with some of the nuts and the trees are showing little nuts on the branches. We will be ready to harvest soon! We had our Son, Mark and his wife Michelle here for the Thanksgiving holiday. Along with them this time was our new Grand Baby- Ocean... What a joy it was to get to know him and catch a glimpse of his personality.... I thought I would post some of the pictures of some of the meals that we had... All Vegan and some Raw... I felt better after this Holiday, then I have in many years. The difference in the Healthy meals really does make a difference after the holiday is over. The first one is of a Breakfast Banana Split... Pretty easy to do and fun...
Here is the recipe for the Breakfast Banana Splits: Make up your traditional Whole oat recipe; Place the desired amount of water in a pan, that you are going to use... ie. 1,2,4, 6 or more people. Put the water on to boil.... Add Sea Salt according to taste.... Here is the chart for the amounts of people you want to serve and the amounts:
Place the water on to boil... Then add the Oatmeal and take off the burner and cover with a lid.. Wait for 5-10 minutes until the water is absorbed into the oats. Add Chopped Dates to this... As well as Organic Maple Syrup according to taste.. (The oatmeal should be firm enough to scoop out onto your bowl and hold it's form.) Assembling the Banana Split: 1/Cut a Banana in half length wise and place into your Banana Split bowl. Scoop 3 scoops of oatmeal on top of the Bananas 2/Place sliced Strawberries, Blueberries, or fruit of choice around on top of the Oatmeal. Put varied nuts on the top. ie, Almonds, Sunflower seeds, Coconut, Pecans.... and Carob chips or the crumble (recipe below). 3/(I make my own crumble that I sprinkled on the top): I have this on hand for other recipes too. It's great to put on your cereal or when put in the fridge after patting it down into a baking dish and scored; can be a neat healthy candy.) Put 3 cups coconut (organic- non sweetened) in your food processor; 1TB Roasted Carob 1TB Cero- Grain Coffee substitute 1TB Maple Syrup of Honey (Optional-pecans or walnuts or Almonds 1/2 cup) Process until crumbly Sprinkle this over the top of the oatmeal 4/Put a dollip of Cashew cream on top... Cashew Cream Recipe: It's nice to soak your nuts because they are easier to digest; But I have made this cashew cream without soaking them.. 2 cups Cashews 2 Cups water 1tsp organic Vanilla (A Vanilla Bean, opened and scraped is the best) Blend the above for about 5 minutes. Then pour in a saucepan and cook until thickened... Stir continually, for it can burn very easy. Dollip it on the top or put it in an icing decorator device and go fancy.... This is a great recipe to do with the kids for they love adding all of the items together to make their own Breakfast Banana Splits. I like to put the Banana Split bowls out on a table, then put all the ingredients out in little bowls.. It makes it easy to go from one item to the next and complete your finished project. Use your imagination... Nothing is wrong... Your creation will be the best!! Have fun, Carol Janonne I also have a picture of the Banana Splits that I made in October.... I actually had the Banana Split bowls to put them into.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

John and the Rattle Snakes

Just thought I would post a picture of...

John and the horses and one of the Rattle Snakes that he killed under the house. He was under the crawl space fixing the pipe to our "Grey water" pipe when he spyed this rattle snake over in the corner. It was a scarey experience. She shot it with our shot gun and the shell went through the wall and knocked out some of the tiles under the steps going down into our garage... But the job is done and haven't seen any more. I'm sure that Rattle snakes are just a part of Arizona. One always needs to take precausion!!

Been helping with the food bank in Elfrida. It's a great way to get to know the people in the community. Walmart in Douglas donates the food for this bank and last month donated over 20,000 lbs of food to just this bank alone. Ove 500 people in this valley get food from this bank and a smaller one in Sunsites. It's been a fun thing to do on Wed. mornings. The lady on the right is 94 years old and she's such a trooper. Right in there helping with the distribution!! Not sure of the other one's age, but she is a retired lady.. not really retired. They still have a hay ranch in the valley.

Well, until next time... Ready to go out for a jog amongst the Pecan trees.

I thank God for my little Pecan Track.. wishing you were here to join me!!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

New and Exciting Retirement? A Pecan Orchard in Arizona

Un-benownst to us; we would never of dreamed that this winter would lead John and I to Arizona. Elfrida, the small town that most would'nt write home about. But a great town of nice people, hard working farmers and of course all trades. Down to earth great people.

The Lord brought us here and it's even surprising to us.

We have about 110 Pecan trees. Not anything compared to most of the Pecan farmers around us. But enough nuts that we have to do something with them and get them harvested. I will try and post the process and we enter into it. It's a great way for John and I to do something together; be out in the fresh air, live where it is warmer (although today it is about 37 degrees outside; and to day by day let the good Lord show us how to serve Him.
As we speak; John is on the tractor with the "Dump Wagon" honking for me to get out there and help him... I'll post more as I have the time. Enjoy your day and remember; staying close to Jesus is the key to happiness amidst the trials and challenges of these times we are living in.

Talk soon, Jan ( and John)

Friday, November 19, 2010

Waffles, Healthy, Yummy Style

Waffles for Breakfast!

READY!! After 10-12 Minutes

READY for your Favorite Toppings. ie. Fruit Sauce, Honey, Maple Syrup...

I love waffles. That could be due to my disasterous failures at making healthy pancakes.

I have tried many times to make Healthy pancakes (Ones without eggs and white flour). Poor John he tries to eat them,,, but I don't think that even the birds would eat my failures. Anyway, the opposite is true about my waffles. Although they have had their horrible failures when I lifted the lid before the timer went off at 10-12 minutes. Then you have to clean your waffle iron. It's a tedious job and the family or hubby or guests don't get waffles for breakfast. Another MUST for waffles is to make sure you put some form of nuts or Olive oil in them. If this is left out... They won't come out of your waffle iron. I've tried and had failure as well. So now I will give you my ingredients and you can have fun making them. Get up a little early so that you aren't tempted to lift the lid on your waffle iron because you have many to make and want them to hurry. It's also nice to make them ahead when you have the time and all you need to do is put them in the toaster or covered with foil in a baking dish in the oven for heating. Oh, and when the waffle iron has cooled and you are ready to put it away. DO NOT WASH It!!! If you have done this, you may want to brush oil on it and then heat it to High and close the lid down. Let it heat for about 5 minutes. It should then be ok to use and will not stick the next time you want to use it. (Hopefully) :)


Place the following in the blender:
6 whole Dates
1/4 cup Cornmeal
2 cups Whole Oats
1/2 tsp. Salt
3/4 cup Soaked dry Garbanzo's (ie. Chick Peas)
4 cups Water
2 TB Olive Oil or 1/4 cup Cashews (A Must)
Blend until smooth

Pour into your hot Waffle Iron and set your timer for 10 Min. If, when trying to lift the lid, it doesn't want to lift, then set the timer for 2 more minutes.
There you have it. I hope that you will enjoy these. I always take the ones we don't eat and put them in plastic bags into the fridge. If you aren't going to use them in a week, (Which doesn't happen here often) then they can be frozen.

You can experiment with some of the ingredients. I was thinking that one could put some pumpkin in the mixture. Add your pumpkin pie spices to it. And put some Maple syrup in it. Great for a light evening meal too!

That would be great for Thanksgiving or Christmas buffets... Think I'll try it next time.

Adding Blueberries or Raisens, Carob Chips could also make it interesting. Let me know how you do..
Hugs, Jan

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Garbanzo's~Chic Pea's/ Hummus-Differant Ways to Use

Since leaving the world of Cheese, Eggs and Milk, I have tried to find different ways to satisfy my desire for especially Cheese. Well, I think I have found it. And if you can't make it from scratch, you can buy it very readily in the stores now. Already made for you in many different flavours. It's HUMMUS!

But I will tell you, that it is a great sandwich spread, Taco filling, along with your Pinto beans, And a great dip for Veggies and one of my favorites; Spread it on your Pizza crust.

First of all I will show you my process of making the Hummus;
I pressure cook my dry Garbanzo's. After the knocker starts knocking I cook them for about an hour and a half.

Then: I place the following into my Food Processor:
1/4 cup Sesame Seeds (I like them lightly roasted)
3/4 tsp. Salt
1 tsp. Onion Powder
1/2 tsp. Garlic Powder
Blend until Smooth

Then add to the Above Mixture:
1/4 Fresh Red Pepper
or Hot Red Pepper (Make sure you take all the seeds out)

Then add the following:

4-5 Cups of Garbanzo Beans
1/4 cup Fresh Lemon Juice

You may taste it and adjust the lemon juice according to your liking.

Now you have the Hummus that you can use for a dip or on top of your Pizza Crust.
I always make two Pizza Crusts when I'm making my bread. So there is always one on hand.)

Spread the crust with the Hummus. Then add your favorite Tomato Paste. Place it in the oven. Bake it until it is warm. While you are doing this;

Saute in 1TB of Olive Oil or Grape Seed Oil or just plain water; the following:

Chopped Onions
Sliced Olives
Chopped Peppers
Sliced Mushrooms
Gluten steak slivers (Recipe is on my blog for the Gluten Steaks)
Or Sliced Firm Tofu

You may add anything that you normally like to put on a Pizza
After the above items are soft, then you can take the Pizza out of the oven and place the sauteed Veggies on top of it.
It's ready to enjoy and serve.

I hope you will enjoy the Hummus on your Pizza. It gives me the Cheese Element that I have a craving for.

Add ImageOver at Rawk Out Blog, Sharon had a great recipe for Raw Dehydrated Corn Tortillas. She has Step by Step instructions on how to make them.
( You may find some other great Raw Food Recipes on there as well)
I just finished a batch of them this morning. I love them!! Pulled out my dehydrator and put the little circles of the batter onto, Parchment paper and put them in the Dehydrator. Had it running most of the afternoon and over night. It should take about 16 hrs. These are great for dipping into the Hummus. And these chips have NO FAT and are so good for you! Next time I'm making a double batch. These will be gone in no time. These are great for dipping into your freshly made Hummus! Sooo Goood!

Hope you want to try them too!

(With of course, the Hummus you have made above!)